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Environmtal Law Society

2004-2005 Speaker Series

Fall 2004

September 8 - Barclay Rogers, Sierra Club
Factory Farming

September 27 - Michael Robinson, Center for Biological Diversity
Recovery of the Mexican Gray Wolf Population in America

October 6 - John Briscoe, Stoel Rives

October 27 - Joe Rusconi, California Attorney Generals Office
Transfer of Closed Military Bases to the State

November 17 - Professor Lazarus, Georgetown University
The Making of Environmental Law

Spring 2005

February 9 - Dave Campbell and Jason Meggs
BIKE LAW: An Advocacy Perspective

February 17 – Andrew Kimball, Center for Food Safety

February 23 - Marcello Mollo, Earthjustice International
Using US Courts to Remedy International Environmental Problems

March 9 - Sejal Choski, SF Baykeeper

April 4 – Professor Denise Antolini, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Ocean Communities in Conflict: Heartbreaking Lessons from the Battle Over Marine Protected Areas in Hawaii

April 6 – Catherine Sneed, The Garden Project

April 13 – Professor Andrew Guzman, Boalt Hall
Trade and the Environment

April 20 - Kevin Golden, Adams Broadwell
Green-Blue Alliances: Labor and the Environment

Coordinator: Melissa Thailkill

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