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Environmtal Law Society

2005-2006 Speaker Series

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Spring Semester 2006

Thur, Jan 19
Jingjing Zhang
Center for Legal Assistance to Pollution Victims
Environmental Public Interest Litigation in China
(Cosponsored with the Chinese Law Society)
Tue, Feb 28 Sarah Schindler
Morrison & Foerster
Developing Environmental and Animal Law Through Pro Bono Work
(Cosponsored with the Animal Law Society)
Tue, Mar 7 Brent Newell
Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment
Animal Factories: Rural Communities' Struggle against Pollution from Industrial Meat and Milk Production Facilities
Wed, Mar 22
Robert Percival
University of Maryland School of Law
Can the Common Law Protect the Global Commons? more...
(Cosponsored with the Institute for Legal Research)
Thur, Apr 6 Camilla Fox
Animal Protection Institute
FILM: Cull of the Wild more..
(Cosponsored with the Animal Law Society)
Tue, Apr 11 Cymie Payne & Matt Zinn
Environmental Careers Talk more..
Thur, Apr 13 Claudia Polsky
California Attorney General's Office
Seeing the Forest for the Board-Feet: Litigation to Protect National Forests more..

Fall Semester 2005

Wed, Sept 7
Ken Alex
California Attorney Generals Office
Environmental Nightmare in Search of a Courtroom: Litigating Global Warming
Fri, Sept 23
Eric Freyfogle
University of Illinois School of Law
Conservation in Whole
(Cosponsored with the Institute for Legal Research)
Wed, Sept 28
Richard Cowart
The Regulatory Assistance Project
Power Sector Carbon Reduction: Cap and Trade Design Choices
Tue, Oct 4
Dan Curtin
Bingham McCutchen
Regulating Big Box Retail Development
Thur, Oct 13 Astrid Puentes Riaño
AIDA - Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense
Using International Human Rights Law to Redress Environmental Problems in the Americas more...
(Cosponsored with the Boalt Hall Committee for Human Rights)
Wed, Oct 26
Linda Sheehan
California Coastkeepers
The Impact of Agricultural Runoff on Marine Resources
Fri, Oct 28
Governor David Freudenthal
State of Wyoming
Natural Resources Federalism more...
(Cosponsored with CCELP)
Tue, Nov 1
Peter Knights
Ending Illegal Wildlife Trade by Direct Protection more...
(Cosponsored with the Animal Law Society)

Coordinators: Misti Schmidt and Scott Zimmermann.

Thanks to the California Center for Environmental Law and Policy for financial assistance.

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