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Environmtal Law Society

Panel Discussion

Natural Resources Federalism

Balancing the Power to Regulate and Manage Natural Resources
between State and Federal Governments

Fri, Oct 28, 12:45-1:45pm
Boalt Hall, Goldberg Room

Cosponsored with the
California Center for Environmental Law & Policy

Please RSVP to Mary Elliott.


Governor David Freudenthal
State of Wyoming

Dave Freudenthal took office as Wyoming's thirty-first governor on January 6, 2003. Born in Thermopolis, Wyoming in 1950, the 54-year-old Democrat grew up on his family farm north of town. Before earning the title of "Gov. Dave," Freudenthal served nearly eight years as the U.S. attorney for Wyoming, nominated by former Governor Mike Sullivan and appointed by President Bill Clinton. He had earlier spent sixteen years running his own private law practice in Cheyenne. Gov. Freudenthal will speak generally about natural resource federalism from the perspective of a state with a high proportion of federally-owned land.

Professor Holly Doremus
Boalt, UC Davis

Prof. Holly Doremus will speak about ESA implementation, including but not limited to the ongoing dispute between Wyoming and the U.S. about gray wolf delisting.

Professor Antonio Rossmann

Prof. Rossmann will reassess Justice Black's 1963 assertion that "state law has no place" in governance of the Lower Colorado River.

Professor Dan Farber
Boalt Hall




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