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Conservation in Whole

Eric Freyfogle
Max L. Rowe Professor
University of Illinois School of Law

Fri, Sept 23, 12:45-1:45pm
Boalt Hall, Faculty Lounge 336N

Cosponsored with the
Institute for Legal Research

Professor Freyfogle, an expert on the work of Aldo Leopold, is a legal scholar and conservationist who writes on environmental ethics. He will share ideas from his latest book entitled Why Conservation is Failing and How It Can Regain Ground (Yale Univ. Press). Come join him in a thoughtful discussion. He is the author or editor of several books, including The Land We Share: Private Property and the Common Good (2003); The New Agrarianism (2001); Bounded People, Boundless Lands (1998); and Justice and the Earth (1993). Professor Freyfogle has lectured widely, including recent appearances in England, Brazil, and Korea. A native of central Illinois, he has long been active in local, state, and national conservation efforts. He currently serves as president of the Prairie Rivers Network, the Illinois affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation.

Background reading for the discussion from Professor Freyfogle's forthcoming book can be found here.

Vegan/vegetarian lunch provided. Everyone is welcome!  


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