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Ken Alex

Environmental Nightmare in Search of a Courtroom: Litigating Global Warming

Ken Alex
California Attorney
General's Office

Wed, Sept 7, 12:45-1:45pm
Boalt Hall, Faculty Lounge 336N

Ken Alex is involved in groundbreaking climate change litigation that the environmental community and industry are watching closely. He will discuss different legal actions to address global warming, focusing primarily on the case he is litigating for the CA Attorney General's Office, a public nuisance action against the 5 largest emitters of CO2 in the U.S. He will talk about the legal hurdles and status of the litigation.

Ken Alex is a supervising deputy attorney general in the environment section of the California Attorney General's Office. In addition, for the past five years, Ken has been working on the energy task force, investigating price and supply issues related to California's energy crisis. He has handled cases under most federal and state environmental statutes, and has negotiated some of the country's largest environmental and energy settlements. Ken represents the State of California in the public nuisance action filed against power companies for emission of CO2 and for global warming. Ken is a 1983 graduate of Harvard Law School, and has taught courses on environmental law and policy at Stanford, Hastings, and Golden Gate University.

Vegan/vegetarian lunch provided (La Med!). Bring your friends. Everyone is welcome!

Court Documents from Connecticut v. AEP:


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