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Seeing the Forest for the Board-Feet: Litigation to Protect National Forests

Claudia Polsky
Deputy Attorney General
California Department of Justice

Thu, Apr 13, 12:45-1:45pm
Faculty Lounge, 336N Boalt


Claudia Polsky is a Deputy Attorney General at the California Department of Justice. Several of her recent cases target the U.S. Forest Service’s efforts to evade the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) when making major decisions that affect National Forests in California and beyond. Ms. Polsky’s talk will focus on pending litigation, initiated by the California Attorney General, that seeks to overturn the Bush Administration’s repeal of the wildly popular “Roadless Rule.” Before its May 2005 repeal, the Roadless Rule protected 58 million National Forest acres from roadbuilding and logging, and was likened to the 1964 Wilderness Act in its preservative effect on federal lands. The Roadless Repeal case, which pits the States of California, Oregon, Washington, and New Mexico against the U.S. Forest Service, will be argued by Ms. Polsky in San Francisco in June.

Prior to joining the Attorney General’s office in 2000, Ms. Polsky worked at Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund in San Francisco (1997-2000) and at Public Citizen Litigation Group in Washington, D.C. (1996-97). Ms. Polsky is a 1996 graduate of Boalt Hall, where she was Editor in Chief of Ecology Law Quarterly. She holds a Masters of Applied Science in Natural Resource Management from Lincoln College (New Zealand), and a B.A. in History and Science from Harvard University.


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